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 Original documents shop is an office that demonstrates to the finest gain of its clients with a stage of dependability, confidence, honesty judiciousness, and devoted to the recipient’s benefit. With us, on-line regard is earned, HONESTY is valued, TRUST is picked up, and LOYALTY is the lower back. Have a meeting of I.T. specialists and records base professionals working worldwide with our principal headquarter in Dortmund, Germany, and subsidiary branches in Linz-Austria, Brooksville, FL-USA, Vasteras – Sweden and numerous others in E.U, Australia, Africa, and Asia

Work Constrain

Our work constrain is constituted of a conferred group of a result pushed experts, on hand that will help you with document conventions, techniques, and issues. Our administration detail excited about the problem of giving complete range travel allows, driver permits, personality playing cards, visas, authentications, and several exclusive reports assist to our clients. Long stretches of knowledge of giving proficient, effective, stable, and custom-designed administration to our demographic.

We create both licensed, and curiosity reviews, we paintings with numerous international secure havens, places of work, movement administrations, transport workplaces, secretariats that affirm the facts we ahead to them of their separate databases. With incalculable long intervals of mastery in motion, I.D., and citizenship administrations, we help individuals with troubles in acquiring state archives.

Our Mission

We are a first elegance company with many years of enjoyment and devoted efforts in producing actual Australian passports like actual Australian passports, visas, id playing cards, drivers license, High School Diploma, IELTS, new playing cards, A-degrees, resident allows GMAT, LSAT examination Certificates and plenty of other documents.

 Provide a carrier that will help you through to meet your desires, we permit you to with Getting real authorities-issued I.D. below another identification(NEW NAMES), A new social safety wide variety (verifiable with the SSA), Checking and saving debts to your new I.D., Credit cards, Relocation, Passports, Diplomatic Australian passports, novelty passports, Production and acquiring new identity files.

Our Focus

 Produce Just Real Visa. This actual Visa is a felony, and you shall legally use it to journey to the Country that it’s far issued from. And you’ll by no means have a problem traveling with this Visa due to the fact it’s far actual. For the Passport, we produce each Real and Fake Passports. The Real Passports can have all your information registered within the database system of the Country, and if the Passport is Checked at the Airport, all your data will show up in the statistics checking system so the Passport will be legal. Produce Passports for a few clients who need to apply for the Passport just for camouflage motive and do no longer intend to apply it legally.

 Passport Look just similar to the actual one with the same fine and secret functions. handiest exclusive is this Passport will not have its statistics registered in the gadget. So if it is checked in any airport experiment, it will hit upon. So we constantly endorse our clients to let us produce them the REAL Passport to use it legally. Drivers License & I.D.  Real Passport and Id card and Driver’s License. For the Real Id Cards and Driver’s License, we register all of the information into the database system.

Controlling information

If the identity card or driver’s license is checked using an information studying device, all your data will display up in the machine, and also you shall legally use the file. We additionally produce Id card, which can be just the same as the actual identity and driving force’s license. But none of the information on the report might be registered in the database gadget. So the record will be.

But all the mystery capabilities of the Real identification card and driving force’s license may be duplicated and imprinted on the replica. Propose our clients to allow us to produce them the Real files if they legally want to apply the report. Other Documents

Our Commitment

 Concerned about the production of other than one hundred fifty currencies. Print unique cash of all kinds of euro, us dollar, pound, and lots of greater. Scholar and you don’t have enough to pay your fees and feed? An enterprise guy and also you need to increase your business? Homeless and also you want cash, looking for cash, here is your danger to make that manifest. Let us assist -quit starvation- and -end poverty- be a part of us on a journey you will by no means forget.

We will supply the cash directly to your own home with the interference of customs transport takes 2-three days to text us if we did no longer solution your call we’re constantly busy. Simplest authentic, high-quality passports, motive force’s licenses, I.D. Cards, VISA, stamps, and other products for following countries: Australia actual id, Belgium Real id, Brazil Real identity, Canada Real identification, Finland actual identity, France Real identification, Germany Real identification, Ireland Real identification, Italy Real identity, Malaysia faux id, Netherlands faux id, Norway faux identification, Spain identification, Sweden faux id, Switzerland identity, U.K. identification, USA faux id, and some others.


 Make sure three days of fruitful conveyance typical using DHL, FedEx, UPS, or EMS with expedited provider choice selected so that you don’t have anything to strain over. Trusted by an entire lot of human beings all around the globe, produce all types of documents, the arena we create is without borderlines. Better high-quality, Better service for pleasant purchaser satisfaction.

 Recognize the danger in sporting or the use of a faux file this is why we invest our technologies, professionalism, and talents to put in a corporation to be able to aid folks who locate it tough to have a particular document. Feel loose to touch us anytime you wish. Have Asian Brothers to kind any documentation difficulty you could have. Whether Genuine or Novelty Document.

Quick Reliable Shipping

 offer shipping and tracking with all orders. Tracking information is given IMMEDIATELY when orders are shipped. We also give a notification e-mail when your payment is received.

Cost Effective Shipping

 ship directly to your door!


With the many relationships with authorities we have developed over the years, we consistently provide the customer with a superior product. You can trust us for being the superior Document Center.