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We package will and ship all packages to prevent this from happening and very rarely, do our packages get lost. If this has happened, please contact us.we will gladly reprint your order for free and send to a new address.

My account. 1. I think my order was lost, what should I do?

2. How long it takes?

Usually 5 days or sooner to make it. For free shipping 10 to 14 days shipping time. Priority express shipping will take 3 to 6 days .

3. How should I organize a group order?

My account. To make a group order, you should first get everyone’s basic information: name, birthday, eye color, hair color, weight, height, and other needs. Make sure the whole piece meets the requirements. Signature is not necessary. After the information is complete, pay in time, and we can start producing your order

4. Are all the cards provided by you scannable?

All of our cards have the barcodes on the back, with correct holograms on them and look identical to its authentic ones. We use BCS Scanner to verify every card before shipping out to our buyers. All of our scannable cards can pass the bend test and the blacklight test.

5. What payment methods do you accept?

My account. We accept Credit Card/Debit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin

6. What is your success rate out of state and instate?

We have great success in state. It definitely closes to 100% success. In state depending on you, up to 95% successful rate.

7. What Security Features Are Included?

We replicate all the security features of a real scannable card. UV, Perforations, OVI, MultiSpec Holograms, Raised Text and much more.

8. Can I refund or reprint scannable card?

Our reprint policy is flexible. We provide a new card only if our scannable card does not match your requirements or any mishandling is detected on our part. So far, we have not had more than just a few cases where we have provided Reprints or demanded by customers. We have a satisfied customer base of thousands of subscribers & never faced any issues when it concerns our quality. Refunds will be provided in case you do not receive the intended products.

9. How to become your reseller ?

If you want to be a reseller, we can give you amazing prices contact us to know more! Read more about that, just contact us.

10. How should I take my picture?

The things to remember are:

(1) Keep the lighting enough.

(2) No matter what shoes.

(3) Light or white backdrop behind you.

(4) Make sure your photo isn’t a fuzzy mess. 2MB max size but we gotta be able to zoom in on your face to edit. Try to keep your hair neat if you can.

11. How about your service?

(1) The highest imitation level scannable card: 100% scannable, bend, UV, Hologram

(2) online customer service, the fastest answer to your questions

(3) All of the below, your new card will be re-made and re-ship free of charge

✔ Quality issues

✔ Inaccurate info made on cards

✔ Packages detained by customs

✔ Delivery overtime seriously

✔ Packages get lost

A: Professional manufacturer.

Q: How’s your card’s quality?

A: Our cards have been verified by SGS.

Q: Can I customize my own card?

A: Customized card is available, including design, size, thickness and scratch label.

Q: What’s the design format that I need to send?

A: CDR/AI/PDF/PSD format with layers graph. Leave each design 3mm bleeding line.

Q: Does your card have color aberration?

A: The color deviation is below 10%.

Q: What if I don’t have designers?

A: We have experienced designers to deal with your artwork.