French ID Card


French ID card online produced with same quality like the original document. Model 2021 year. Validation period 10 or 15 years. The French national identity card (French: carte nationale d’identité or CNI).


National Identity Card

Firstly, National Identity Cards (French ID Card) are used by French citizens to prove their identity. They are mandatory for some professions and optional for others.

Secondly, The NIC card is valid for 10 years. You must renew it every 5 years.

National Identity Card (NIC) Security

However, the Secure National Identity Card (NID) is the government’s plan to replace the current national identity card system. The NID project is being led by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the National Security Agency. The objective is to simplify international travel while ensuring security.

Consequently, the NIC is used to prove citizenship and nationality. As of now, there are three types of cards: permanent resident card, temporary residence permit card, and work permit card. The NID will replace all existing national ID cards.

Meanwhile, there are four main components to the NID:

1. A biometric data-containing smart chip;

2. a radio frequency identification tag;

3. a database containing the holder’s personal information; and

4. An encrypted transmission channel

Extending the validity period of your French ID Card

Subsequently, You can extend the validity period of your ID card up to five years. To do so, you need to submit an application form with proof of identity and address to the local prefecture office.

Renewing your French ID Card

If you want to renew your ID Card, contact at You will be asked to provide proof of identity and address.

If you have lost or damaged yours, contact us immediately.

How to apply for a new National Identity Card

On the other hand, To apply for a new French ID Card, you must go through the following steps:

1. Contact us at 

2. Most importantly, fill out the application form.

3. Furthermore, Submit the completed form along with two passport photos and a copy of your old National Identity Card.

4. In addition, Pay the required fee.

5. Wait for your new National Identity Card.

6. Keep your new National Identity Card safe.


However, What happens if I don’t renew my identity documents?

Consequently, If you fail to renew your ID Card within the allotted time frame, you may face serious consequences. For example, if you don’t renew your French ID Card, within the allotted time frame and then

Above all, to obtain a French ID Card, contact us at to proceed with your order.