French Passport


French Passport. with RFID-chip model 2021 year. Passports are valid for 10 years for holders aged 18 or over and 5 years for holders under the age of 18. It’s 32-pages standard document.


French passport

The French government announced it will issue French Passport with special anti-terrorism features starting next month for French nationality. Although the new passports are being produced by Gemalto, a Dutch security firm that specializes in biometric technology(Biometric passport).

However they feature a hologram image of the bearer’s(French citizen) face along with a chip containing digital information about the person.

The French government says the new passports will help authorities identify terrorists and prevent terrorist attacks. Meanwhile critics say the move violates privacy laws and could lead to discrimination against Muslim travelers.

2nd generation French biometric passport

The French government announced that it will introduce a second-generation biometric passport. This includes facial recognition technology, iris scanning, fingerprinting, and digital signatures. Moreover France already offers the world’s most secure national identity card system.

Notwithstanding, biometrics is the science of measuring and analyzing human characteristics for the purpose of identification or verification. Biometric technologies use biological data such as fingerprints, retinal scans, DNA, voice patterns, handwriting samples, facial images, palm prints, and signatures.

Where to apply for French Passport?

Certainly, you can apply for your new passport at In addition, you must bring two forms of identification (one of which is a photo ID) and proof of address.

How long does it take?

However it takes up to six weeks to receive your new passport.

What if I lose my French Passport?

However, if you lose your passport, contact us immediately at It may be possible to get a replacement from the local consulate.

Documents required and appointments

Above all, your passport application requires:

• Your full name, exactly as it appears on your birth certificate

A copy of your passport   

<li>French Passport</li>
<li>Birth certificate</li>
<li>Photo ID</li>


To expedite processing, you can make an appointment online at Alternatively, dial +33 1 53 00 26 26.

Please fill in the form above and attach required pictures and send the e-mail to to proceed with your order.