French VISA


French VISA with multi-entry permit to Schengen Area. Planning a holiday, business trip or any other project in France?  You can apply for any type of French visa generally issued for tourism, business trips.


French Visa Types, Requirements, Application & Guidelines

The French government issues French Visa for tourists and business travelers. They are usually valid for 90 days and allow entry into France for up to 30 days. There are three visa applications categories: tourist visas, multiple entry visas, and residence permits. Each category requires(visa requirement) different documents and fees.

Tourist French Visas

Tourists must apply for a tourist visa within 60 days of arrival in France. You(visa applicant) must provide proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in France, including airfare. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your intended length of stay in France. If you plan to travel to another European Union country during your trip, make sure you apply for a Schengen visa beforehand. Visa center

Multiple Entry French Visas

Multiple entry French Visas are good for foreign nationals(visa holder) planning to return to France frequently. These visas are valid for one year and require no additional documentation. However, you must pay a fee of €80 every time you enter France. This includes reentry to France within the 12 month period.

Residence Permits

Residents of countries outside the EU must obtain a residence permit in addition to a visa. To qualify, applicants must prove that they intend to live in France permanently. Residence permits are valid for five years and cost €100.

French Visa Entry Requirements

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will require applicants for French Visas to provide proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay there before being issued a French visa application form. This is part of a larger effort to crack down on illegal immigration.

Applicants must show proof of €2,500 ($2,800 USD) for coverage of expenses, either in cash or via a bank transfer, within 30 days of applying for a French visa. They are also required to prove that they have enough money to support themselves during their stay in France(short-stay visa).

French authorities say that the rules apply to everyone regardless of nationality, including tourists and students. Applicants will still receive a visa upon arrival, but they will be denied access to public benefits such as health care and education.

Applicants for French Visa will no longer be able to use credit cards to pay for their trip. Instead, they will need to bring a passport, travel documents, and proof of sufficient funds.

In addition to the financial requirements, applicants must also provide evidence of having been vaccinated against yellow fever and cholera before leaving their country of origin.

Who Needs a Schengen Visa to Enter France?

Those seeking to enter France must now apply for a French Visa online at least 48 hours prior to arrival. They must provide proof of onward travel plans, such as a return ticket or hotel reservation.

A person entering France without proper documentation(French Visa) could face fines of up to €6,500 (about $7,100).

Which French Visa Do I Need to Enter France?

A tourist French visa allows visitors to remain in the country for up to 90 days. An eVisitor visa allows visitors to remain for 30 days. A business visitor visa allows visitors to work and live in France for up to three months. A residence permit allows visitors to reside in France indefinitely.

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