Irish Passport


Irish Passport with RFID-chip model 2021 year. Passports are valid for 10 years for holders aged 18 or over and 5 years for holders under the age of 18. It’s 32-pages standard document.


Irish passport

The Irish passport is one of the most sought-after passports in the world.

The document features a green background with a gold harp logo. On the front cover, there are four gold stars, representing Ireland’s place in the EU. There are also five blue stripes, symbolizing the sea.

On the inside, you’ll find a map of Ireland, along with the words “Republic of Ireland.” And under that, the phrase “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,” followed by the date of issue.

There is no expiration date listed on the document. However, according to the Irish government, the passport expires 10 years after the day of birth.

You can apply for a passport online here.

How to apply for your first Irish passport as an adult

The Irish government says it wants to make getting an Irish passport easier for adults, especially those living abroad with no extra document. A spokesperson told Business Insider that the current process “can be confusing.” The department recommends people apply online rather than in person. Irish citizens will submit an online application to complete their application form.

To qualify for an Irish passport, you must be either born in Ireland or have lived there for three out of five years. You must also live outside the UK or EU for four out of six months during the 12 months prior to applying. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You’ll need to provide proof of identity, address, nationality, and residency status. You’ll also need to pay a fee.

If you’re already eligible for citizenship, you can renew your existing passport. However, you won’t be able to apply for a new one unless you’ve been away from Ireland for at least five years.

Documentary Requirements

In order to get an Irish passport, applicants will need to submit:

• Identification Required: A legitimate picture ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, is necessary.

• Proof of Residency: Candidates must show that they now reside in Ireland or have done so for at least three of the previous five years.

• Nationality Proof: Applicants must provide proof of their Irish citizenship.

• Proof of Citizenship—Applicants must demonstrate that they were born in Ireland or obtained citizenship there before turning 16 in order to be considered.

• Age Proof: Applicants must provide documentation proving that they were born on or before December 31, 1995.

• Medical documentation proving applicants are in good health and able to travel is required.

• Cost Payment: Applicants are just need to submit the application fee.

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