Malaysian Passport


Malaysian Passport. passport of Malaysia online. The validation period is 5 years from the issuing date. The document contain 50-pages. The data page/information page are printed in Malay and English.


Malaysian passport

The Malaysian passport is a travel document issued to citizens of Malaysia for the purpose of international travel. It is valid for 10 years from the date of issue and may be renewed indefinitely. The current design was introduced in 2003, replacing the previous model, which had been used since 1972.

Types of Malaysian passports

The types of Malaysian passports are:

1. Diplomatic Passport: This type of passport is given to those who work for foreign countries, such as diplomats, journalists, aid workers, etc.

2. Official Passport-This type is given to government officials, ambassadors, judges, police officers, teachers, students, businessmen, etc who are Malaysian citizens.

3. Tourist/Vacation Passport: This type of passport allows passport bearer to travel within Malaysia without displaying your visa. You just need to present your passport upon arrival.

4. Emergency Passport: This type allows passport bearer to enter Malaysia in an emergency for up to three months.

5. Student Passport: This type offers free entry into Malaysia to the passport bearer for Malaysian citizens studying abroad.

6. Special Passport—This type provides special privileges to the passport bearer(Identity Card)


Malaysian Biometric passport

The biometric passport is the most secure form of travel document in the world.

There are three different types of passports: regular passports, visa-free ePassports, and biometric passports. Regular passports contain information about the holder’s name, date of birth, nationality, gender, place of birth, occupation, and signature.

While visa-free ePassports contain similar information plus additional data such as the holder’s photograph and fingerprints; and biometric passports contain even more detailed information about the holder, including iris scans, facial recognition, palm prints, and finger scans.

Biometric passports are the safest way to travel because they protect against fraud, identity theft, and counterfeiting. They are also convenient because they require no manual entry of personal information.

While regular passports are still widely used around the world, ePassports are becoming increasingly popular. In 2017, there were over 5 billion ePassports issued worldwide, compared to just over 3 billion regular passports.

As of January 2018, every person born in the United States is required to carry an ePassport, while some states, like California and New York, require residents to use both an ePassport and a traditional passport.

In addition to being safer than paper passports, ePassports are also much easier to replace if lost or stolen. If someone loses their physical passport, it can take weeks or months to obtain another one. With an ePassport, however, the government can issue a replacement within minutes.

ePassports are also more environmentally friendly than paper passports. Each ePassport uses less water, energy, and materials than a single sheet of paper.

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