Portuguese Passport


Portuguese Passport. with chip inside for sale. Model 2021 year. Valid for 5 years. The passport has 32 pages (excluding the data page), however 28 are suitable for visas. Portuguese passports (in português: Passaporte Portugal)


Portuguese passport

  • Portugal International Travel Information-Portuguese passport – international travel information and travel advisory
  • How To Get A Portuguese Passport: All You Need To Know. With a Portuguese passport, you can freely travel in the Schengen zone without any additional visa requirements.
  • Guide to Obtaining a Portuguese Passport-There are several ways expats can obtain a Portuguese passport. In this detailed guide, we walk you through your citizenship options.
  • Visa Waiver Program-U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Portugal- The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables qualifying nationals to travel to the United States for tourism or business stays for up to, but not exceeding
  • Request the Portuguese electronic passport The passport comprises all the data necessary to identify Portuguese citizens who travel outside of the European Union and the Schengen area.
  • ID cards and travel documents Portuguese passport-ID cards and travel documents: Passport-Consular Services-Consular Section-Embassy of Portugal to the United States of America.
  • Make an appointment with the Consular Section-Embassy of Portugal to the United States of America Make an appointment with the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal to the United States of America.
  • Passport-Consular services-Consular matters-Consulate General of Portugal in Boston -Passport-Consular services-Consular matters-Consulate General of Portugal in Boston, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Israelis seek Portuguese passports through their Inquisition roots-Danny Roup, Israel’s celebrity weatherman, does not necessarily see clouds on the geopolitical horizon. But he thought it was worth digging into his centuries-old family roots in order to get a second, Portuguese passport.
  • PASSPORT-PASSPORT-Consular services-Consular matters-Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Entry requirements. FCDO travel advice for Portugal, including on entry requirements, safety and security, and local laws and customs.
  • Roman Abramovich gains EU citizenship  The billionaire owner of Chelsea qualifies under Portugal’s naturalization scheme for descendants of Sephardic Jews.
  • BBC News- A Rabbi is being investigated over his Portuguese citizenship. Daniel Litvak helped Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich obtain Portuguese citizenship. (bbc.com)
  • List of Visa-Free Passport Countries for 2022 – Immigrant Invest- Portuguese passport holders can travel visa-free to 187 countries, including all of the Schengen states, Canada, and Japan. See the full list of countries in this article.
  • Consulate General of Portugal in New York-Consulate General of Portugal in New York, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
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  • 10 months visa-free in Cyprus
  • Dominica visa-free for three months
  • 3 months in Panama without a visa
  • Visa-free travel to Senegal for three months
  • 3 months in Ireland without a visa
  • 37 Visa-free stay in Norway for three months


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  • U.S. Embassy Portugal’s COVID-19 Website

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