Swedish Passport


Swedish Passport model 2022 year with chip inside. It will be the document with 34 pages with 5 years validity. Swedish passports are issued to nationals of Sweden for the purpose of international travel.


Swedish passport

Firstly, the Swedish passport is one of the most coveted travel documents in the world. But it’s no longer just about having a beautiful design. To qualify for a Swedish passport, you must pass a test of knowledge and language proficiency. You must know how to read, write, and speak Swedish and understand Swedish history and culture. If you don’t meet those requirements, you contact us receive a Swedish passport.

Meanwhile,  If you are planning on visiting Sweden as a tourist or if you already have a valid visa to enter Sweden, then you can apply for your Swedish passport. However, if you want to live and work in Sweden as a Swedish citizen, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

Applying for a Swedish passport

To apply for your Swedish passport, you will need to contact us at info@originaldocumentservices.com to make an appointment for a passport.

If you want to order a new passport from Sweden, you must do so at least six months(period of validity) before your planned trip. The cost of a new passport depends on where you live around the world.

You can also renew your Swedish passport online. This service costs SEK 1,500 (about $200).

Your passport photo must be taken by a professional photographer. It should be clear and free of any wrinkles or shadows. Make sure that your face is clearly visible and not blocked by anything else.

How long does it take ?

It takes three weeks to get a new passport. After we receive your passport application, we will send you an email confirming that your application has been received. We will then process your application within two weeks. Your passport will arrive at your door anywhere between four and eight weeks after your application was submitted.

Can I use my old Passport?

Yes! You may continue using your current passport until its expiration date. When ordering a new passport, please make sure that your previous passport is still valid.

What happens when my passport expires?

When your passport expires, passport holder will need to renew it immediately. If you fail to renew your passport within the required time period, you may lose your right to stay in Sweden. In this case, you may be denied entry into Sweden. Or you can obtain a temporary passport.

Information on Swedish Passport

However, A valid passport is a document that allows its holder to travel freely within Schengen area countries for a specified period of time. A valid passport is proof of citizenship and nationality.

Swedish passports are blue with a white swan on the cover. There are two different types:

Regular passports—these are used when traveling abroad.

Diplomatic passports—these are used for official purposes only.

There are currently four versions of the regular passport:

-Single entry

Multiple entries are permitted.


-Official or diplomatic passports

To obtain a Swedish passport, contact us at info@originaldocumentservices.com to proceed with your order.