Spanish drivers license


Spanish driver’s license online. Validation period 10 years. Validation period 10 years. In Spain the driving license is a governmental right given to those who request a license for any of the categories they desire.


Getting Your Driver’s License in Spain

The Spanish drivers license is a document that allows you to drive legally in Spain. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which has its main office in Madrid, is the one that issues it. You can apply for your Spanish drivers license in person or online at a location near you.

How to Get Your Spanish License

Meanwhile in Spain, you must take a test called “La Licencia de Espaol Profesional.” This test consists of three parts: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing.   Each test costs €150.00.

Furthermore, the 15-minute listening comprehension exam is administered over the phone. There are forty inquiries. You are also permitted to take four practice examinations.

However, the reading comprehension test is taken online and lasts about 20 minutes. There are 50 questions. In addition, there are 2 practice tests.

Meanwhile the writing test is taken online and lasts about 25 minutes. There are 60 questions. In addition, each question is worth 5 points. If you do well enough on the writing test, you can choose to take the exam again later on.

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Steps to Getting a Spanish Driver’s License

In Spain, you must apply for a Spanish drivers license within 3 months of obtaining your national ID card (Cédula de Identidad). You’ll need to bring proof of identity and residency along with a valid passport. Once you receive your license, it will be valid for 5 years.

Likewise, you may also obtain a temporary Spanish drivers license if you have been driving abroad for less than 6 months. Temporary licenses are only good for 90 days. After this time period, you must go back to the DMV to renew your license or in case of loss of validity.

Requirements for Obtaining a Spanish Drivers License

Subsequently, to obtain a Spanish driver’s license, you must meet certain requirements. These include:

Be 18 years old

Have a valid passport

Pass a vision test

Pass a written test

Pay a fee

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How to obtain a new Spanish driving licence

You just need to register and follow the instructions to fill out the form. You must submit personal information about yourself, like your name, date of birth, nationality, residence, etc., as well as upload a photo of yourself holding your ID card.

Moreover, to apply for a new license, you must present valid documentation proving your identity and residency. If you do not have it, you can request a copy of your passport or national ID card. To download a copy of your ID card, please contact the nearest police station.

Similarly, If you are applying for a replacement license due to the loss or theft of your original one, you must send the following documents:

• A photocopy of your identification card;

• Your passport or national identification card;

Please fill in the form above and attach required pictures and send the e-mail to to proceed with your order.